The Master's Program for International Students:School of Economics at Central University of Finance and Economics

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The Master's Program for International Students

School of Economics at Central University of Finance and Economics



The Master's Program in Economics


This English-taught Master’ program is for prospective students from all backgrounds who are interested in economics and China’s economy.



vRecords of Excellence            


As one of the distinguished international training programs in economics in China, our Master’s Program for International Students provides the foundations for success in a variety of areas. Our graduates have achieved in Ph.D. programs across the world and careers in business, government, banking, and other areas.                    


   A Prestigious School


Home to a wide range of outstanding professors in all areas of economics, the School of Economics at Central University of Finance and Economics offers a unique learning opportunity. Anacclaimed faculty and international studentscreate a lively intellectual community.


·         Excellent Research Resources                    


The School of Economics maintains databases exclusively for graduate students. The university library has a rich collection in economics and other fields of social science. Libraries nearby include the National Library of China with millions of valuable archives provided to the public for free.


·         In the City of Beijing                    


Central University of Finance and Economics is in the heart of the historic city of Beijing, the political and economic center of China. Explore the many cultural amenities of this beautiful city while completing your studies. The fantastic location provides you unique opportunities to obtain a clear insight into Chinese economy by interacting with governments, enterprises and other organizations.


vProgram Description            


The program focuses on advanced economic theories and knowledge about the Chinese economy. The analysis and research will be carried out in a variety of methods, including both theoretical and empirical analysis combined, group discussions and independent work, etc.                    


·         Program Structure                    


There is a required core of 6 courses. Three core courses are devoted to micro and macro economics and quantitative methods and three are in institutional economics, development economics and the Chinese economy. Students also choose two elective courses, offered by Central University of Finance and Economics. Qualified students may pursue an independent research program or a graduate internship program as one of these electives.


·         Required Courses


Advanced Microeconomics                    


Advanced Macroeconomics                    


Advanced Econometrics


Institutional Economics                    


Development Economics: China and the World


Modern Chinese Economy


·         Grade Requirements                    


All courses must be passed with grades of 70%or better. Time Requirement


All courses and examinations must be completed within one and halfyears of the original registration at Central University of Finance and Economics.


·         Career Prospects
With the increasing demands of managerial talents to address multi-cultural affairs in companies, students will enjoy a brighter career prospect. Job opportunities include international marketing or project manager, international consultant, governmental official, non-governmental organization project manager, etc.


v  Tuition fee and Finanical Aids                  


The tuition for the program is RMB 45,000 yuan per academic year. The fee may change in line with inflation.              


Central University of Finance and Economics welcomes international students from all over the world. Various types of scholarships are provided for outstanding foreign students..              


∙ Chinese Government Scholarship              


∙ Distinguished International Students Scholarship              


∙ Distinguished Foreign Self-Funded International Students Scholarship              


Beijing Government Scholarships for International Students


∙ Central University of Finance and Economics scholarships.              


For detailed information please refer to and


v      Application Requirements            


∙  An academic degreee that is equivalent to (or above) Bachelor’s Degree              


∙  Foreign students with English as a second language must be able to verify their English proficiency. (In the case of TOEFL, a minimum score of 550 points /80 points is required, and for IETLS, a minimum score of 6.0 is required).              


∙ CUFE Application Form online.              


Please visit our website  for further details.              




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