Why Waiting In A Pharmacy Is So Frustrating

Why Waiting In A Pharmacy Is So Frustrating

From the time spent waiting at the doctor’s office to filling your gas tank, it seems that you always have to wait. It can be frustrating, particularly when the wait is long. Waiting in line also leads to impulse buying, such as at the grocery or other retail stores.

The Wait Seems Longer

Sometimes, you feel like you have waited far longer than you actually did, because you aren’t doing anything. If you are talking to someone or doing something else while waiting, the time passes faster. For example, when sitting in the examination room at the doctor’s office can seem like an eternity. If you are there for something you are anxious about, this can actually make the time spent waiting seem longer.

Another place people hate to wait is at the drugstore. Many pharmacies know this, and they have implemented easier ways for people to pick up prescriptions. They can be called in by the doctor’s office. Most pharmacies have automated refills by phone. Another advantage is the use of pharmacy pos systems used by companies such as BestRx allowing transactions to be processed more quickly.

When Waiting Seems Unfair

Many times people get upset when they have been waiting for some time, and someone else that arrived after they did is taken care of before them. Although it may not seem fair, some people may need attention more quickly than others, even if it is not obvious. One example is the emergency room at the hospital. Evaluating the severity of symptoms is necessary, so someone that requires immediate attention is seen first.

People usually are not as upset about waiting if they know what to expect. If you are told that someone will be with you in about fifteen minutes, the wait is far calmer than just being told soon. No one knows what to expect when they are told soon. It could be thirty minutes or it could be ten. Regardless of how fast-paced the world has become, waiting is still necessary in some situations.

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