When do you need the crowns and bridges for teeth?

When do you need the crowns and bridges for teeth?

People face different types of problems with their teeth and they look for the best solutions which can give them the chance to smile back with confidence. Many times we heard that dentists suggest going for crowns and bridges for weak and damaged teeth. Here we will try to learn more about the application of crown or bridge. In the world of restorative dentistry use of bride and crown are advised. So what is a crown?  A crown is basically a cap for the tooth which is placed right on a treated and weak tooth. Crowns strengthen and also protect the structure of tooth. In general crowns are made out of hard and white substance for a natural look.  After getting a brief about crown now let us know what is bridge? Dental bridge acts to cover or “bridges” the available gap present in between the missing teeth. In case you lose one of your teeth then you will find that your dentist is suggesting you to go for bridging. This will protect your existing teeth not to move out of their actual place.  There are a number of issues where bridges are used to fill the space of a missing tooth. When you smile, you will not desire the missing space to be exposed. So, you just need to go to the dentist and get the bridging done.

There are two main advantages of using the bridges. First of all, they help you to get a decent look and assist the eating process. Apart from this, they support the adjacent teeth in the mouth. When you have the bridges in your mouth, you will be able to get the ideal support for the teeth beside the missing tooth area. A missing tooth can cause the other teeth to get weakened.  So, when you use the bridges, they support the other teeth and prevent them from going into the wrong alignment. You will have a nice smile after using a bridge.

Apart from this, you need the emergency dentistry service to get the crowning done. This is a process where a shell like structure is used to restore the gloss and shine the teeth. It is something that acts as a protective covering of the teeth, and provides the teeth with the needed protection to keep them healthy.

Uses of crown:

The crowns are used in a number of ways:

  • These are used to hold the broken parts of the teeth together. There are cracks and fissures in the teeth and the crowns are used to hold the teeth in the right place.
  • They are used to cover up misshapen teeth. Teeth are sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. When these are used, the teeth can be covered up well.
  • These can be also used to make a cosmetic modification in the teeth.

All these keep the teeth protected. If you are suffering due to missing tooth then it’s time now to get in touch with the dentist in your city for best solutions.

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