What are causes, types and symptoms of UTI?

What are causes, types and symptoms of UTI?

Before we directly move towards the subject of the title of this content, let’s first understand what exactly UTI is. UTI stands for Urinary tract infection. It is basically an infection which occurs in any part of the urinary track system and mostly found in women.

What are the causes behind UTI?

Urethra is the tube which carries the urine from bladder to the point of extraction is located very close to anus. E. coli is a bacterium which is found in large intestine sometimes moves to the urethra and then travel back to the bladder to infect. If measures are not taken to recover from the infection then it may attack the kidney.

What are the different types of UTI?

In general there are 2 major types of UTI which are known to the medical world.

  • Lower UTI : This type of UTI occurs in the urethra and Bladder zone ( This is commonly found UTI in women)
  • Upper UTI: This type of UTI occurs when the infection takes a serious condition. It creates bad impact on the Kidney and urethras

What are the symptoms which indicate that you are under UTI?

You can predict that you are affected by UTI when you notice the below mentioned symptoms in your body.

  • A painful yet burning feeling at the time extracting urine from body
  • Increase in the frequency of urination habit even in the case the outcome is very less
  • If there is any type of pain both in abdomen ( lower part) and back of the body
  • If  the colour of Urine gets changed, and comes out with a foul smell
  • Tiredness in the  body without much work
  • Low to high degree of fever for longer duration

If you notice any or all of the above symptoms in your body then there is wide chance that you are under attack of UTI.

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