What are 4 most common oral health problems?

What are 4 most common oral health problems?

For the wellbeing of your health, it is quite important to take care of every part of your body. And taking care of the oral health is not out of that list though the fact is that a large number of people don’t pay heed to take care of their oral health. And as a result of the ignorance, a number of oral health problems may appear among which the four most common problems are

Stinking breath: The most embarrassing oral problem is definitely a stinking mouth. The bad breath of yours is sure to destroy your impression in the society. In 85% cases, different types of oral problems become the reason of bad breathing. The diseases that can be the reason of stench in the mouth are gum problems, a dry mouth, cavities, presence of bacteria or oral cancer. Frequent use of mouth freshener or mouthwash can help to remove this problem temporarily but a dental check up is must to get a permanent solution.

Gum diseases: Gum problems are other reasons that seriously damage the oral health. Gum problems may appear for a number of reasons like from some infections of the mouth. But these problems can cause the most dangerous consequences as gum problem may even lead to stroke or heart attack. Oral hygiene is the only way to control this problem. Brush your teeth twice and use mouth freshener daily.

Teeth loss: Everyone has to face the problem of tooth loss at a certain stage of life but premature tooth loss is certainly a severe oral health problem. This problem is known as cavity. The problem is caused by the acid that gets produced from the harmless enamel of the tooth. Regular brushing and flossing can control this problem.

Oral Cancer: Nowadays a large number of people suffer from this problem. Nearly 300,000 people have to go for oral cancer diagnosis every year. The disease affects the mouth, lips, and throat. Regular dental check up and oral hygiene are quite important to avoid the problem.

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