Teeth Whitening: Adding an Oral Essence in Your Appearance

Teeth Whitening: Adding an Oral Essence in Your Appearance

How many times have we come across the aspect of “the first impression is the last impression”? Today’s world doesn’t give you enough room to modify your first stances, making the phrase a prodigy. It might be anywhere, like in a job interview or a family ceremony, or maybe a hangout with friends visiting your favourite shopping mall. Your face makes your profile during activities such as these, and you cannot miss out on even the minute details that add up together to create that front profile for you. One such detailing that needs your focus is that of your oral health. Surely you have taken actions to have a good scent for your breath before going out. Also, your dental implant may have given your teeth an extra boost. But do they look as good as your breath smells? How about doing something special like whitening your teeth to keep yourself ahead in the game right from the beginning? Because they will see your teeth before feeling the scent, isn’t it? Well, both at home and in-office methods can be followed to take the outlook of your teeth to another level.

Easiest Tooth Whitening Processes At Home

The process of teeth whitening does not involve huge arrangements or massive investments. Rather, it is one of the most common cosmetic dental processes and can be easily performed at home. Simple usage of oral gels, whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and chewing gums can do the trick. Also, consuming apple juice, especially which of green apples containing malic acid may serve the purpose, though this is not recommended by the experts for long term usage. Apples, carrots, and celery are probably the best options to go with, as these edibles are good enough to whiten teeth as well as freshen the breath while increasing saliva production.

Tooth Whitening through In-office Bleaching

In-office bleaching suffices a more sophisticated demand in accuracy regarding tooth whitening. This is usually carried by dental professionals, and bleaching solutions are available at medical dispensaries. A consultation with the dentist just before the treatment is always recommended, as the applying of a bleaching solution requires information on the patient’s health conditions. Only then can the procedure be most suitably useful to the patient consequently. Laser bleaching and internal bleaching are the two major categorical in-office procedures for tooth whitening.

Possible Setbacks and Long Term Maintenance

Tooth whitening treatments include side effects like hypersensitivity, tissue irritation, inconsistent results, rebound consequences, over bleaching or bleached effect, and damage to tooth tissue or enamel. The patient may also suffer from bleachorexia or the unhealthy obsession towards tooth whitening. Any and every of these issues can be perfectly handled by the following simple ways that are used to realize the best long-term results in tooth whitening treatments:

  • Brushing or rinsing the mouth after every major meal
  • Regular usage of chewing gums
  • Removal of plaque by the method of flossing
  • Weekly usage of whitening toothpaste for suppressing surface stains
  • Using a straw while drinking heavy or harsh beverages
  • Touch up of the treatments with dental consultation


The process of teeth whitening makes your teeth look better. Treatments do not have extensive requirements, rather a properly consulted procedure can enhance your dental health. Side effects can be taken care of by some easy maintenance ways, and a smile of a lifetime is all set to be yours.

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