Save your natural teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Save your natural teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes there are serious infections developed at the base of the teeth, which starts affecting the roots of the teeth leading to severe pain and irritation. The soft pulp inside the tooth root is very sensitive, and when there is an infection in the root of the teeth, they weaken from the base and starts decaying internally. In these cases, you need to avail the root canal treatment, so that you can prevent the teeth from further decay and ensure comfort for yourself. From the very early stage we need to teach our kids about the right technique of brushing and other dental health care techniques so that they don’t reach a position where they need to look for such dental treatment.

In a root canal technique, the affected area of the tooth is identified and the infected part is removed using the right mechanism. Before starting the process of root canal the dentist request to go for an X ray of paining tooth and sometime for the teeth located at both side of the paining tooth. After checking the image of X ray the dentist gets an idea as up to which level he or she needs to create the canal to reach the infected roots.  After the infection is removed, the area is filled up and the tooth crown is installed to prevent further damage. In many cases, the tooth braces are not used, and people prefer to go with invisalign, so that the alignments of the teeth are all right. Invisalign aligners are basically the best alternative for metal braces given to adults, kids or teens.

Aligners are another way of keeping the teeth straight. It is better than the braces, as it has a number of advantages. While the braces are fixed, these are removable. So, you will be able to clean them from time to time. Apart from that it is invisible and you need to use them for about two years, at a maximum in order to get the teeth set perfectly. The aligner trays used are made out of comfortable, smooth and almost invisible plastic which are placed over your teeth.

Care after treatment

  • When you undergo a root canal therapy you need to take necessary precaution for the next few months. So, make sure that you brush the teeth twice daily to keep away food particles.
  • Occasional visit to the dentist is required, so that they can detect any fresh infection if any.
  • Avoid chewing the food too hard, as it might exert pressure on the tooth that has undergone treatment.

With all these tips, you will find it easy to take care of the teeth after the treatment. No doubt in the fact that root canal treatment is one of the selected best options available with the dentist to save your original tooth and protect it from getting extracted. Speak in detail with your dentist about the associated cost well before to plan to go ahead with the treatment.

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