Root canal treatment and tips after the process

Root canal treatment and tips after the process

People who suffer from infected pulp at the base of the tooth need to avail the root canal treatment from the expert. These help them to remove the infected part of the tooth at the base and ensure good teeth. So, the best way to get the tooth treated is to get in touch with the dentists and make sure that you get healthy teeth after the treatment. There are many dental clinics in and around your city which provides you with personalized services of dental treatment. When you go for the root canal therapy, a lot of precaution needs to be taken and the dentist need to be highly experienced or else the patient may need to face critical condition. After all, you have to avail the ideal treatment and that you will get when you get in touch with the best dentist in the city.

When the Root canal treatment is done, the first process includes viewing the interior of the teeth with the help of X-ray.  The X-ray is taken in order to understand as up to which level the infection has reached. The infected area is identified and the experts operate on them. The infected area is removed and the professionals fill in the space before the tooth gets rebuilt. Sometimes a crown is inserted to strengthen them. It will be better to say that placing of a crown is a must after completing root canal therapy. After closing the cavity after the treatment is over the doctor asks the patients to start chewing food slowly and steadily after 24 hrs of the process completion.  Once the patient is comfortable in the chewing and biting with the treated tooth the dentist takes the measurement of the tooth to decide the shape and size of the crown. After taking measurement the same is forwarded to laboratory for making. Once prepared same is placed on the processed tooth.

Tips to follow after the treatment:

  • The first thing you need to remember is that the tooth is weak after the treatment and you will have to chew the food well when you want a better health for teeth. For the initial few days, the teeth remain weak and you cannot afford to chew food hard.
  • You need to brush the teeth at least twice a day after the treatment, so that there is no accumulation of food.
  • Make sure to visit the dentist regularly so that they can detect any problem beforehand, after the treatment.

When is tooth extracted?

You need not go for tooth extraction when the root gets infected. The root canal therapy is a better and effective one. With the availability of the right professionals, you will have strong and healthy teeth.  In case the doctor feels that there is no future of the tooth then he or she takes the call for extracting the tooth. The dentist will give antibiotic medicine for 3- 5 days before the extraction process so that there is no chance of infection in gum.

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