How to Avoid Traveller’s Diarrhea

How to Avoid Traveller’s Diarrhea

When you travel to the Caribbean, you want to sit in the sun not on the toilet.

Traveller’s diarrhea has ruined many vacations for North Americans over the years.

So visiting one of the many travel clinics in Laval and the surrounding area will give you the information you need before heading out on vacation.

Here are some consumption tips to avoid traveller’s diarrhea.1. Eat only fruits and vegetables that you can peel, like bananas and oranges. Avoid salads and fruits that can’t be peeled, like berries and grapes. Also keep in mind that sliced fruit might have been washed in contaminated water. 2. Keep your alcoholic beverages ice-free. Alcohol in your drink won’t kill off the risk from contaminated ice or water. 3. Dairy products should be avoided, including ice cream. 4. Ensure all meals are well-cooked and served hot. Stay away from undercooked meat and fish. 5. Don’t drink the water. Avoid tap water. If you must drink local water, boil it for at least three minutes. 6. Use bottled water to brush your teeth or mix baby formula. 7. Canned and bottled drinks are safe, but make sure you break the seals yourself and wipe it off before consuming or pouring. 8. Don’t open your mouth when showering.

Here are some non-food tips to keep traveller’s diarrhea at bay: 1. Wash your hands before eating. Having an alcohol-based sanitizer on hand is a good idea. 2. Ensure all dishes and utensils are clean and dry before using them. 3. Try to find food that requires little handling in preparation. 4. In you are travelling with small children, keep them from putting things in the mouths – including their dirty fingers. 5. Tie a ribbon around the bathroom faucet to remind you to avoid the tap water.

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