Get the perfect makeover for your teeth for a sizzling and shining smile

Get the perfect makeover for your teeth for a sizzling and shining smile

There are several instances when people need to go for capping of teeth. Teeth are one of the most exposed parts of our bodies. When you seek the right looks of the teeth, make sure that they are not broken or ugly looking. The crowns are shell-like coverings on the teeth placed after undergoing certain categories of dental treatments like the root canal, cavity filling, and many others are there on the list.

What is exactly dental crown?

A dental crown is basically a cap-shaped crown for the tooth which is placed right on the original tooth to cover it up and to restore original structure, shape and size of the tooth. This is used for bringing improvement in the looks of the tooth which is damaged or lost its earlier glow due to certain treatments on the tooth. There are different types of dental crowns which are available in the market and the major among them includes:

  • Stainless steel
  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Resin
  • Ceramic
  • Zirconia

Here are a few instances where this treatment will come beneficial to you:

  • Close gap between teeth: Some people have ugly gaps between the teeth that are exposed whenever they smile or talk. These are not proper for eating as well. When you avail Porcelain Veneers for your teeth, you will be able to get the gaps closed, to get a good facial expression and a decent smile on face.
  • Repair broken teeth: There are cracks and fissures in the teeth that keep on expanding if proper attention is not given to them. After filling of cavity the original tooth becomes weak, use of Veneers can help in regaining the lost strength and the tooth can again start functioning in a normal way. If needed dentist needs to go for in-depth filling of a tooth which makes the tooth very weak as almost negligible portion of the tooth remains. In such cases it’s mandatory to go for capping to provide the required protection to it.
  • Shorten or lengthen uneven teeth: It’s a fact that there are many people having uneven setting of teeth. In order to do away with the unevenness of teeth, the dentists gives each and every uneven tooth the required shape. After setting the uneven tooth cap is placed on it to give it an original look.
  • Dental Implant: After undergoing dental implant sometimes dentist does suggest for caps on the specific area of the gum.

When you visit the dental expert in a clinic for any dental treatment the expert will first investigate on the overall oral health before coming down to a decision as which category of treatment and also what metal veneers or cap will be ideal for the patient. Measurements are taken for the crown size and shape and then it is forwarded to the laboratory for making. Once prepared the same is placed on the affected tooth with special glue for making it firmly set.

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