Connection between teeth and health issues

Connection between teeth and health issues

A pearl white smile is sure to make your unique impression. Your white teeth play a great role to enhance the beauty of your face. That’s why it is quite important to take care of your teeth. But the fact is that your teeth play a bigger role than only making you look beautiful as it provides a number of clues to dentists and doctors about the wellbeing of your body. So, follow a healthy oral care to avoid any kind of dental disease as your teeth can speak of a number of health problems if you may have. The following are some of them.

Diabetes: There is a direct connection between oral health and diabetes as diabetes can cause the cavity. The problem of your swollen gums can be the sign of diabetes.

Low Birth Weight: Low birth weight of a baby or premature birth can be the reason of a mother’s problem in her teeth and health. Premature birth can be the reason of underdeveloped heart and lungs of the baby.
Heart Disease: You will be surely amazed to know that your teeth can also depict the symptoms of heart problems. The report says that 91% people suffering from some type of cardiovascular problems have severe gum problems also. These gum problems (periodontitis) can result in tooth loss, raise infections in the mouth. Especially, the patients suffering from clogged arteries get affected with the gum problems.

Cancer:  The teeth can be also a way to discover whether you are suffering from cancer. Smoking can act as a major reason for it. Excessive cavities, bleeding gums, damage in the mouth can the prominent reason for cancer.

Alzheimer’s: It is also believed though not proved yet that Alzheimer’s disease can cause poor oral health. Teeth lose before the age of 35 can be the reason of Alzheimer’s disease.

Hence, maintaining a healthy oral care is quite important as your teeth can foretell about your health problem before it gets too late.

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