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Can Fat Diminisher Help You Lose Weight?

Can Fat Diminisher Help You Lose Weight?

We must make a distinction between losing weight and losing fat (adipose tissue). Many times those who are dieting and intends to lose weight with fat diminisher undergoes the gross errors of judgment and involving that do nothing to lose valuable time to get to achieve desired objective: lose body fat! As we all know, and we have seen many times we need to know our body composition before taking any action that will lead to intelligent weight loss. Portal reason before starting a diet or want to change your eating habits, and not only, it is appropriate to know the percentage of lean mass (muscle) that abbiamoa our disposal, how much body fat system (adipose tissue) as a percentage of a normal condition, overweight, or obesity.

Subsequently, or at least when we do a plicometrico tests, or reviews, even better a bioimpedenziometrico test, we can have unastima our basal metabolism and know how to proceed to achieve our goal. The basal metabolic rate as we have mentioned on several occasions is the minimum energy needed to maintain vital functions. In general it can be said that a healthy individual and sedentary basal metabolism rappresentacirca 65-75% of energy expenditure.

To all these sacrosanct general rules, to do still distinguish between the different types of people taken into account, so the men will have a higher metabolism than women, for an active review entity (greater muscle mass) we will have a metabolism higher than the sedentary, as you progress through the years your metabolism slows down and everything also depends on our daily physical activities we perform normally.

It is to be noted that certain organs and tissues change their metabolism, thanks to their activity which may be increased or slowed down at different times of the day, and their lives. In general we can estimate their own basal metabolism bearing in mind all the above values: lean mass, fat mass, body weight program, for example a diet 70kg may have a metabolism equal to 2000kcal.

But if the same person decreases or increases your basal metabolic rate (we’ll see how), respectively, could experience a decline or an increase in metabolism and energy expenditure. But at the same time we can have two subjects who have a body weight equal (70kg), but at the same time with a different metabolism, because one with greater muscle mass (sports), and the other with a greater percentage of adipose tissue.

A very simple method to calculate the basal metabolism is by multiplying your body weight (in kg) x 21 (women) x 23 (men). In this case a subject of 60kg man will have a 1360Kcal basal metabolism, while a subject of 55kg woman will have a 1155Kcal basal metabolism about recipes. Sometimes the biggest problem lies in the fact that you want to understand who is overweight, or obese, that that condition does not depend on heredity, being “uncool” because you have a slow metabolism, while our friend / to eat around and not get fat (active metabolism), by age approaching through the years.

But behind it all there are always wrong lifestyle and consolidated unfortunately, both food and is of little movement. So upsetting positively their habits gradually and rationally lead to an improvement of our basal metabolism and thus aun most calorie consumption resulting in weight loss and body fat loss.

It ‘obvious that talking about metabolism can not esumerci by power control, but very often we all know how many people when they want to lose a few kilograms too implements a diet too strict, based on an excessive caloric restriction, and not doing but achieve the opposite goal: to decrease the basal metabolic rate.

This very limited consumption becomes the factor responsible for his failure in terms of body weight and health and wellness. This result depends precisely on the functions inherent in our body which thinking of our ancestors at a time when there were times of “food crisis”, then famine, he did nothing but implement the calorie savings mechanisms to avoid sending in “tilte” the human body.

In this situation it could be that “intelligently” those on calorie restriction goes after a few weeks or months to measure the scale engines and it weighs less, but does not know that those kilograms (kg) less are due to loss of lean mass (muscles ) due to malnutrition and then fat diminisher to a calorie deficit and especially macronutrients inadequate all’anabolismo (muscle growth), but adequate for the catabolism (destruction of muscle mass). Our body is very clever (perhaps most of us), so somewhere should take energy to live and then go to break down the muscles and goes to deposit fat.

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