4 Important Points to Consider Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

4 Important Points to Consider Before Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a process designed to reduce the size of your stomach to limit the amount of food you eat on any given day. It’s generally considered safe if you qualify to have the surgery. Below are four things to consider before getting this type of surgery.

Are you qualified for the surgery?

Getting gastric sleeve surgery in Coral Gables is not something that everyone can pursue. You must be 100 pounds or more overweight, have a BMI of 40 or 35 with a coexisting disease like diabetes. It’s considered a drastic surgery that is reserved for those that have attempted to lose weight for years and are still morbidly obese.

Can you take the required time off from work and daily activity?

Gastric sleeve surgery in Coral Gables will require a short hospital stay after the surgery. You will also have to take two to three weeks away from work and strenuous daily activity. Make sure this is possible so that you give your body the time it needs to heal.

Are you committed to changing lifestyle habits?

The ultimate success of gastric sleeve surgery will depend greatly on changing old eating habits that often lead to adding too much food to the stomach. The size of the stomach is physically reduced to limit caloric intake. Continuing with old eating lifestyles can lead to problems with healing or limiting positive results.

Are you patient enough for long-term results?

The changes you expect after gastric sleeve surgery will not happen overnight. It can take months to see the results you desire. Your body will begin to shed the extra weight over the course of weeks and months. It’s not a quick-fix for dramatic weight loss.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a recommended procedure for those that are extremely overweight and have secondary health conditions that are made worse through carrying extra weight. Find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure today.

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