3 Reasons to Subscribe to a Professional Health Journal

When you become a professional in any given industry or field, you are going to find that there are various groups, conferences and journals you can subscribe to, attend and join. These groups, conferences and journals offer networking opportunities, insights into the latest industry trends and continuing education information. For a dental professional, for example, it is worth your while to subscribe to the implant dentistry journal.

Here are three reasons to consider subscribing to a professional trade journal.

Professional Responsibility

A professional trade journal publishes stories, research and the research’s findings. The goal is to help professionals stay connected with each other. Most journals attempt to shed light on the industry’s trends, individuals who have won awards and improvements being made in the field’s best practices. Articles and papers published are often peer-reviewed because the journal is not trying to sell a point of view. They simply want to disseminate information. The journal, therefore, adheres to the professional responsibility of being unbiased.


Print media survives on advertising revenue. For this reason, the print media must have as many eyes on its magazines, newspapers and journals as possible. When a journal has an extremely niche audience, its advertisers will focus on its loyal readership numbers. If a journal can prove it has the same amount readers for every publication and they know the exact demographics of those readers, it can earn a steady stream of advertising income. To keep you, the subscriber, interested, the journal must ensure that it remains pertinent, so you can count on content that is relevant, informational and worth your subscription fee.


A professional trade journal has a staff who provides content. The journal also gladly accepts submissions. To be published, there is usually no fee. If you are published, you have the opportunity to share your research with your peers. Being published can lead to accolades and an increase in your business’demand.

Subscribing to a professional trade journal like implant dentistry journal offers several benefits including professional responsibility and pertinence to your profession.

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