3 Questions to Ask your Physician Before an Imaging Appointment

3 Questions to Ask your Physician Before an Imaging Appointment

Any time that a physician mentions having imaging completed, it may induce nervousness. You may think that something serious is going on and may become slightly anxious. It is important to understand that imaging is one of the best ways to see what’s really going on in your body so that your physician can create the best treatment plan possible for you.

How Long Should the Test Take?

Different types of imaging take different amounts of time. X-rays, for example, may take only a few minutes if just a couple of views are needed. If you need to schedule time off of work, it is ideal to know how much time to request.

An MRI or CT scan may take over an hour. Some scans require several sets of scans. Ultrasounds and sonograms can also take a considerable amount of time. This is why asking the expected length of the test is important. When you have an idea of what to expect, it makes the entire process a little easier.

What Equipment does the Imaging Facility Have?

Knowing how technologically advanced and up-to-date an imaging facility’s equipment is ideal. If you are scheduled for an MRI and are a bit claustrophobic, it is ideal to request a facility with an open mri scanner. If your physician does not know if an open MRI is available, call the imaging facility and ask.

Is the Imaging Covered by my Health Insurance?

Depending on your insurance, all imaging services may not be covered. Some may have a substantial co-pay. It is important to contact your insurance or see if your physician’s office has already done that to see if there will be any out-of-pocket expense. If you do not have the funds available, ask the imaging facility what their cash pay price is. In some cases, treating you as an uninsured patient may cost you less than your co-pay.

Closing Thoughts

To ensure that you have the best experience possible when going to an imaging facility, make sure to ask your physician these questions first. You can also call the imaging facility and ask them as well. Being informed may have you feeling a bit more relaxed about having imaging done.

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