What you eat and what you drink in connection with exercise, play an important role in your performance, restoring the body after training intensity, but also in your overall physical condition and health.

Whether athletes, either now starting a training program, it is important to understand the role of diet. What you eat and what you drink and when, can play an important role in your performance, replenish the body after exercise intensity and overall physical condition and your health. Nutrition for energy
following a balanced diet and taking the right amount of calories, nutrients and fluids will give you the energy and stamina you need for an active and healthy lifestyle. However, it is important to understand which foods are suitable and which are not, in each case.

If your workout is intense and / or lasts a long time, you will probably need to replenish nutrients and energy in your body. Try to eat within 45 minutes of completing training. At this time, your blood still circulates rapidly and can quickly restore the electrolytes to replace muscle fuel and to “repair” the muscles.
Each of us is different. Can for you some suggested foods to be liked and for others to be heavy or unsavory, especially before or during exercise.

Try different foods at different times to see what you like and how your body reacts.

If you want, record the results and make any appropriate adjustments to achieve your optimal performance.

The secret to success for beautiful body is a combination: Proper diet and exercise! But there are periods in the life of a woman who can not keep exercised -or wants. And these days you wonder why even though you do not eat too much, you take pounds or, at best, you can not lose weight. We have a food program for girls who do not have time to put in their program and exercise that will help you lose up to four pounds a month.

Every year thousands of people are written to gyms to lose weight but after a few weeks give up without a fight with this fitness program. And the reason is simple: The gym is boring and after an early improvement is mainly due to the stimulation of the muscles there is no apparent effect. For this secret is not in how much and exactly what gymnastics is suitable for weight loss, but what mix, what environment as well as the duration and dedication. Burn more calories when we eat our food raw and in solid form and considerably less when they eat cooked in semi-liquid, crushed or liquid form. When we eat, for example, a fruit unchanged burn 25 to 30 calories while when the drink as juice less than 5. So different pattern of consumption of the same food, can make a big difference in calories eventually assimilate and implication in our pounds !

The example of celery

Celery is a food with “negative calories” established in nearly all slimming diets, as a quantity of a cup gives us only 19 calories but to assimilate need at least 25, ie about 6 calories more! Certainly, no one can claim that adding celery to your diet or any other food with “negative calories”, will automatically lose pounds -No absolutely food has the ability to weaken us alone, and this should be done by all of us understandable. http://www.dietmythsandfacts.com/2013/10/old-school-new-body-user-reviews.html